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Old & New - the results


June Digital Photography Competition Results

June was the first month of our ongoing photography competition. Submissions for June ended last weekend, and the July competition is now running. We’ve now had a chance to sort through all the June entries, and we’ve picked out a winner on which we all agree, as well as a selection of “honourable mentions”.

The first month of the competition had the theme of “Old & New”, which proved to be surprisingly challenging for some people. We received many photos of old objects such as historic buildings, derelict boats and even a vintage motorcycle, many of which were in themselves very good photos, but which lacked any element of “New”.

One of the few that remembered to include a new boat alongside the old one was this shot by Ronnie Hull of County Down. We like this one because it is a nice simple well-composed shot that captures the “Old & New” theme. Unfortunately the lighting is rather flat. Imagine the same shot in the evening…

Another popular theme was animals and their young, including two almost identical photos from different people of a wallaby carrying her offspring in her pouch. Unfortunately most of these were eliminated on technical grounds; successful wildlife photography is a difficult field, and beyond the capabilities of most compact cameras. One potentially excellent shot was ruined by the use of digital zoom, while another – featuring a newborn and very sticky lamb – was simply too graphic to publish here.

Our second honourable mention goes to Paul Hobday of Bristol, for this excellent telephoto shot. It was by far the best of the animals-and-young themed photos, and is a good wildlife (well, zoo-life anyway) photo in its own right.


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