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Transport - the results


July Digital Photography Competition Results

The theme for the second round of out monthly digital photography competition was “Transport”, a subject which seems to have opened up a rich vein of creative talent. Within a couple of days of the start of the contest it was obvious that the standard of the entries was exceptionally high, and the quality didn’t drop off at all over the course of the month. With very few exceptions, the dozens of entries we received were all of such high quality that judging them and picking out a winner was incredibly difficult. I’m not being patronising when I say that nearly all of them deserved to win. For that reason I’m presenting here the top 15, rather than the top 10 that I showed you last month.


As with the June competition, there were several popular sub-themes that appeared within the overall theme of Transport. Bicycles proved to be a favourite, and were the key subject in several excellent entries, such as this beautifully timed photo through a hole in the former Berlin Wall, from Carissa Enriquez of London.


The subtle use of a gradient filter helps balance the multi-levelled composition of this shot by Zuzana Repakova from Manchester, England.


Staying with bicycles we have this striking high-contrast black-and-white shot from Giuseppe Paone of Formia, in Latina province, Italy.


Human-powered transport is also the theme of this cracking journalistic shot from Parth Pal of West Bengal, India, who was also a one of the finalists last month. This photo shows people making their way through the severe monsoon flooding in Kolkata.


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