Winter Landscapes - Results

The shots on this page were the ones that came closest to winning a prize, and are all fantastic. It took a vote in the end to decide the winners, but everyone agreed that these photos were very close runners-up. I love the colours in this photograph from Mikk Tõnissoo of Saue, Estonia, although I can't decide if its a sunrise or sunset.

I think some people may have noticed that photos of reflections in water seem to do well in our competition, but here's a variation; reflections in ice, taken by Paul Atcliffe of Foix, France. The fracture lines in the ice make an interesting foreground detail, and pull the eye into the rest of the picture.

The closest runner-up was this stunning shot from David Stephenson of a famous landmark from his home town of Bristol, UK. The 600-pixel width of pictures on this page really doesn't do justice to this excellent ultra-wide-angle shot, taken on a Canon EOS 400D with a Sigma 10-20mm lens. Although David is just short of a prize this month, he really should offer this photo to the Bristol tourist board. It's one of the best shots of the suspension bridge I've ever seen.


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