Winter Landscapes - Results

Of course a winter landscape doesn't have to mean lots of snow and ice. A good stormy sky and some crashing waves work well too, as this shot from Bruno Lionack of Le Havre, France demonstrates, although I can't help wishing that Bruno had tried cropping out a little of the foreground.

Another eye-catching seascape is this ultra-wide-angle monochrome shot of Brighton pier from regular entrant and former winner Chris Mole of West Sussex, UK. Looks like that 10-22mm f3.5 EF-S lens was a good investment.

More water, but of the falling variety, in this excellent shot from Gethin Lane of Leeds, UK. It looks to me like Gethin has worked on this shot in Photoshop, lightening the areas around the fall and darkening the edges. The result is superb.


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