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Winter Landscapes - Results


January Digital Photography Competition Results

After last month's rather poor turnout, January's theme of Winter Landscapes really seems to have caught people's imaginations, and we've received a record number of entries, and the highest standard of photography we've seen so far. I know it's a cliché, but it really has been hard to pick the winners, and for that reason I'm presenting a larger than usual runners-up section this month, so that more of your superb photos receive their due recognition.

Some people did point out that since this photo competition is open to people from all over the world, the theme of Winter Landscapes was a bit unfair, since it handed an advantage to people living in the northern hemisphere. I will admit this simply didn't occur to me at the time, but in my defence I would say that those of us living in the colder and wetter parts of the world get so few opportunities for decent outdoor photography during the rest of the year it almost makes up for it.

Several people used their snowy surroundings to good advantage, including the winner of our November competition Darren Athersmith of Cumbria, UK. I wonder if this is the same body of water as his Colours of Autumn picture.

More snowy trees from another regular entrant, Richard Koizumi of Tokyo, Japan. I particularly like the almost monochrome high-contrast look of this shot.

As usual many entries followed similar themes, so we have more snowy trees from Simon Sloane of Stockport, Cheshire, UK.


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