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NFC, Antivirus, Chipsets, ZTE & Apple

With the Microsoft deal Nokia has effectively shot Windows Phone 7 up the food chain making it a three way fight between it, iOS and Android (BlackBerry OS looks increasingly relegated to business customers). This standardisation is great for app developers, but it also represents a massive opportunity for hackers and their viruses to exploit the growing financial prowess of our handsets. Consequently I'll be speaking with Kaspersky founder Eugene Kaspersky about why it is developing mass market smartphone antivirus software and expects this to be the next battleground for software companies and cyber criminals alike.

How about chipsets? The LG Optimus 2x (above) became the world's first dual core smartphone when it was unveiled at CES, but now everyone is at it. Qualcomm, Samsung Broadcom, Nvidia and more are here to talk dual core processors, dual core graphics and High Definition. If handsets with wide codec support handle 1080p and sport HDMI could they be the death of media streamers like Apple TV, the Boxee Box and - in the long term - Sky? Could it be little more than 18 months before the hardware inside the PSP3 is made to look ordinary?

ARM will be there too on the back of Microsoft's decision to support its chipsets in Windows 8. With Windows 8 being Microsoft's PC and tablet OS of choice the existing implications will be just the tip of the iceberg.

Femtocell? LTE deployment schedules?

Then there are the unanswered questions: after a 1,000 strong worker walk out on the Microsoft announcement what is the future for Symbian? Has Nokia already given up on MeeGo, despite such positive early press? Can two turkeys really make an eagle? Hot on the heels of the remarkable Orange San Francisco all eyes will be on the ZTE press conference. Just what can it pull out next to upset the established order? Finally, lest we forget, Apple casts a huge shadow over the whole of Mobile Congress. It pulled the rug from under the show last year with the announcement of the iPad and the unveiling of the iPad 2 and iOS 2.3 are expected to track a similar timeline. Every MWC attendee will be keeping one eye on goings on at Cupertino.

So despite all the leaks and pre-releases what is both the long and the short of it is the next six days in Barcelona are going to be fun...

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