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Acoustic Authority iRhythms iPod Speaker Dock

Regular readers might well recognise this set – we reviewed them only a month and half ago. Riyad was very impressed by them so we thought we’d give them a run in against other company.

The set is available in both black and white and is slightly smaller than the Bose. The power supply isn’t integrated but is still slightly smaller than that of the Bose. The design is similar to the Bose, with a dock sitting in front of the speakers with volume controls on either side.

Docking plates are provided for all iPods with a dock connector. Round the back is a slot to house the remote so you won’t lose it, an auxiliary input and an on/off switch. The remote is functional but not particularly special. Overall the design is ok to look at. It’s doesn’t look as expensive as the Bose though and I can’t say I care much for the design of the logo.

Whereas the key component of the Bose was clarity, with the iRhythms it is bass. You can’t help but be surprised that so much bass comes out of such a small speakers. As you push the sound up we do think that a sturdier chassis would improve sound quality but it still does well as the sound increases. The bass is pleasingly prominent – you can hear and feel it and it’s a much more exciting sound than the passive Bose. The clarity of the mid and upper frequencies isn’t quite as clear as the Bose and the soundstage is slightly smaller. And as impressive as the bass and volume level are the iRhythms can’t compare with the far larger Apple set, but while it’s less powerful than the iM7s, the sound it more cohesive and balanced.

In fact, it’s the balance that makes the iRhythms so successful. They’re bassy, without being muddy, and can go surprisingly loud, yet only cost £125. They sound good without any pretence of being seriously Hi-Fi in the way that the Apple’s are. If casual listening is all that’s required then they come recommended.

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