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Bose SoundDock

The Bose does have a knack of sounding better from across the room but overall we found the output to be have one dimensional character to it – it was a sheen of sound that wasn’t warm or involving in any way, and the politeness of the bass response is key to that. The Bose kept its composure as we cranked up the volume, but it never really got our feet tapping.

If you’re not a bass head and you are looking for a discreet, smart looking set then this wouldn’t really matter. However, this all comes into perspective when we take the price into account. On balance we preferred the sound from the iRhythms and we were simply shocked by the price of the Bose. At £250 they’re almost exactly twice the price of the iRhythms. The Bose set then sounds fine, but by any standards they’re very poor value. If you are concerned with brand name and looks above performance and value then go for the Bose. Otherwise, buy other sound equipment.

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