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iSkin Neo Panther Black Case for Sony PSP

Unlike iSkins rather icky plastic Evo3 iPod cases, the iSkin Neo Panther Black Case for PSP case is a more conventional black leather case. In fact, it’s lamb leather, which might put the more sensitive of you off. Yes, a lamb died to protect your PSP.

It actually isn’t as well finished as the ProPorta case and without any overstitching doesn’t look as smart.

Unlike the ProPorta, the iSkin doesn’t require a screwdriver to get into the case, it just slips in to the frame. The base is flat at the bottom and then curves into the sides. The leather piece that attaches the top cover is also quite thick. This means that the iSkin case has leather at the bottom, sides and top, giving it exactly the sort of protection round the sides that the ProPorta case lacks. You can still access the Wi-Fi switch on the left and power switch on the right but you have to remove the PSP from the case to get to the Memory stick slot. However, as it’s easy to slip the PSP out of the case and you won’t be doing that all the time it’s no big issue.

The inside of the case is lined with velvet and there are two pockets for spare Memory Stick Duo cards.

The killer feature though is that iSkin has attached a stand to the back of the case. This is a fantastic feature and makes it really easy to watch a movie on the PSP or play a game while resting it on a table, saving your arms and neck from strain.

For me, this feature raises it above the ProPorta case, despite it not looking as great and makes it worth the extra cost over the ProPorta.


The iSkin PSP case isn’t quite as snazzy to look at as the ProPorta, but it offers greater protection and crucially has an integrated stand. Worth spending a bit extra for.

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