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ProPorta Aluminium-Lined Leather PSP Cover

ProPorta’s PSP case matches the iPod case for style, with black leather with white overstitching. There’s no metal plate inside the case as with the iPod cases but the pouches do feel quite study.

To attach the case you need to insert two screws into the top of the PSP and actually screw them in with a screwdriver and aside from this there’s nothing keeping the case on the PSP. The leather flaps then just cover the PSP on top and underneath with the clasp on the underside. It’s still possible to insert and remove a UMD with the PSP in situ though you have to lean the PSP on its front.

On the inside of the case there are two little pockets clearly designed to hold spare memory sticks and these work well. It’s not clear what the pocket on the top of the case is meant for. It’s wide enough to a UMD but I wouldn’t want to squeeze a disc into it for fear of it breaking.

One thing I was very conscious of was the fact that there was no protection for the PSP round the sides at all. Obviously, unlike a iPod, the PSP’s edges have a lot going on such as ports and triggers that require access, but I still feel a bit more effort could have been made in this area. This was added to the 5th gen iPod case, so perhaps it will be done to an update of this case.

A bigger issue is that ProPorta hasn’t though of including an integrated stand into the case. If you’ve ever tried to watch video on the PSP on a plane you’ll know how difficult it is to have to watch without wanting to prop the PSP up against something. Not including one is a real missed opportunity. Hopefully, they’ll be an update with one attached.


In terms of feel and style the ProPorta PSP case matches its iPod offering but it’s more of a cover than a full case and some extra features would have made it that bit better.

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