iSkin Evo3 for iPod

A radical alternative is the Evo3 from iSkin. This is designed to be a total protection for your iPod covering it from head to foot. The iSkin is not subtle being available in a range of colours, all of which are garish. My one was red – or ‘Blaze’ as iSkin has dubbed it. Great.

Amazingly, the Evo3 is even less pleasant to touch than it is to look at. It’s constructed of a high-grade silicon that is described as durable. Of that I’ve no argument but it feels quite unpleasant under the fingers. Wrapping my iPod in a tight fitting plastic skin I actually felt a bit dirty in a slightly sleazy kind of way. To top it off the plastic all smells a bit strange. In fact, one colleague asked me why I was putting a prophylactic over my iPod. Not pleasant.

Unlike the ProPorta on the iSkin, the touchwheel is full covered. This is a thin memnbrane which means you can still operate it. The screen is protected by a separate plastic cover but this model was to be designed for the 30GB iPod so as I had trouble getting it on my thicker 60GB unit.

A belt clip is integrated to the Evo3 so you don’t get a choice of whether you want it on or not.


Certainly if you’re in an environment that you really need to have your iPod fully protected, then the Evo3 will do the job. However, it absolutely robs the iPod of any sort of style and as such I’d look for alternatives.

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