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iPhone 6 Concepts: Best and worst we've seen so far

Michael Sawh


iPhone 6 Concepts: Best and worst we've seen so far

What Will the iPhone 6 Look Like?

Now that the major Android phones of 2014 have landed and we've had a chance to see what they are made of, our attention now turns to Apple and how the Cupertino company will try to make the iPhone 6 the best smartphone to slip into your pocket.

As is customary each year as we build up to the next iPhone announcement, there has been no shortage of rumours and speculation about what Tim Cook and company have in store. Will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen? Is it going to be available in two models? Will it even be called the iPhone 6?

Some have been more eager than others to second guess what Apple is going to do next, dreaming up visions of the new iPhone and turning them into renders and concept images to stir-up excitement.

There are great ones cleverly drawing ideas from alleged specs and then there are those simply just too ridiculous to ever be close to reality. We rifled through the web to find a selection of the good, the great and the terrible iPhone 6 concepts produced so far.

iPhone 6 Concept 1: Home-Free

iPhone 6 concept

Along with fellow designer Steve Hemmerstoffer, Dutch 3D designer and prolific iPhone 6 concept creator Martin Hajek has come up with a set of impressive renders, which first appeared on French website NoWhereElse. Drawing upon a host of iPhone 6 rumours, Hajek points to a new iPhone with a bigger edge-to-edge display, slimmer body and a radical decision to drop the home button. A larger display continues to be one of the most persistent rumours about the iPhone 6 with speculation that Apple could go with anything from a 4.8-inch display all the way up to 5-inch phablet territory.

TrustedReviews says:

A good look, not-too-drastic changes and no wild spec claims make this a solid vision of the future. We're not sure how iOS would deal with losing the Home button, though.


Credit: Martin Hajek

iPhone 6 Concept 2: Retina Two display

iPhone 6 concept

Like Hajek, the folks at ConceptiPhone have been busy dreaming up ideas for the iPhone 6. Sticking with the edge-to-edge theme, the chaps say this super slim iPhone 6 concept packs a 5.1-inch display. But the phone maintains the same dimensions as its predecessor by removing the side bezels. It also introduces a Retina Two display for super-sharp resolution and the ability to charge the phone via solar power. Other notable new features include a 10-megapixel main camera, 4K video recording, stereo speakers and a new Lightning port.

TrustedReviews says:

It seems unlikely that Apple will be able to keep the same dimensions while using a 1-inch-larger screen, but most of the basic ideas here seem sound. Solar power is unlikely, though, as it would take a lot of sun to charge up a modern, large-screen mobile.



iPhone 6 Concept 3: The 3DS-killer

iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 6 concepts 8

After adding greater support for dedicated game controllers like the Logitech Poweshell and the SteelSeries Stratus in iOS 7, SCAVids points to a more gaming-centric follow-up to the iPhone 5S. The additional iController add-on will not only make it easier to play GTA on the move but even doubles a projector when you want to watch a film. Featuring a more rectangular design, the 6 Pro comes with a Samsung-style iStick stylus hidden away at the bottom, a heart rate sensor and an LED notification light. It supposedly runs on Apple's A9 processor with a 16-megapixel camera to take care of pictures.

TrustedReviews says:

Apple would only make this sort of phone if all its top execs lost their minds simultaneously. However, we wouldn't be too surprised if there are a few more gamer-centric additions in the next iPhone hardware/software wave.

Ratings 2

Credit: SCAVids

iPhone 6 Concept 4: Goliath

iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 6 Goliath

An interesting yet ambitious take on the new iPhone, the Goliath includes an innovative Nitelight feature that illuminates the device’s side bezels, Home button and logos on the back. In the camera department, there’s a 13-megapixel 3D stereo camera with a 3x optical zoom to help take pictures from a distance. Additional specs include a 5.7-inch QHD panel display, Apple A8X quad CPU, up to 256GB flash memory, an 8-megapixel iSight front camera all wrapped up in an aluminium unibody. So not much then...

TrustedReviews says:

This concept makes the iPhone 6 sound like it is made by Samsung. A 3D camera? A near-6-inch screen? An optical zoom? None of these seem remotely likely, although the basic slim 'n' metal design is on the money.

Ratings 2

Credit: ConceptiPhones

iPhone 6 Concept 5: MacBook-style

iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 6 concepts 3

Designer Federico Ciccarese bases this vision of the next generation Apple smartphone on the recent iPhone 6 rumours that Apple will make both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen models. Compared to the iPhone 5S, this concept not only points to a larger iPhone but one with an edge-to-edge-screen that has the kind of sleek styling more in line with the Apple’s MacBook range. The back is made from full aluminium and the display is large enough to fit five app icons on the homescreen.

TrustedReviews says:

Two new iPhone models? We're not sure Apple will make two brand new iPhone 6 screen sizes, but the idea of having two sizes on sale at once seems sound. We're likely to see the variants of the iPhone 5S/5C hang around after the new phone has arrived.

Ratings 1

Credit: Ciccarese Design

iPhone 6 Concept 6: Dual Display

iPhone 6 concept

iPhone 6 concepts SCAVids

The award for most unlikely iPhone 6 concept goes to SCAVids for conjuring up this radical design overhaul of the iPhone 5S. To kick things off, the 5.23mm slim design has barely visible bezels and an edge-to-edge 4K Ultra Retina dual display. Yes, and it's a dual display where the second screen slides out from the top. Running on an Apple A8 chip with 3GB RAM, it will also support auto wireless charging mode, a 16-megapixel camera running on iOS 8.

TrustedReviews says:

A 4K mobile phone screen, this year? A flip-out second display that's seemingly suspended mid-air? It's a neat idea but this one is pure science fiction.

Ratings 3

Credit: SCAVids

Would you be happy if the iPhone 6 looked like any of these concepts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Prem Desai

May 6, 2014, 4:29 pm

Apart from the screen size, the iPhone hardware is not the main reason why die-hard Apple fans are jumping ship - it's iOS.

Since it was first released, iOS hasn't really changed that much. The last few versions have been nothing more than bug fixes and skin change. iOS now needs to grow up. It looks and feels really dated - because it is.

So the real question is: What would be like to see from iOS?

With regards to the hardware, Apple should release both a normal (mini) screen and larger size - let people choose (but then again, then is not the Apple way).


May 6, 2014, 10:59 pm

And your factual evidence for 'die-hard Apple fans jumping ship'?


May 7, 2014, 7:41 am

Hardware aside, iOS is getting stale. I have had a few iPhones but once I had a play with the old HTC One, I jumped ship and for me the main reason is the adaptability and flexibility of Android. Unless iOS offers something radical (which I can't foresee) I see no reason to go back

Prem Desai

May 7, 2014, 10:03 am

Me. I've had every iPhone (even when it wasn't available in the UK). I don't use an iPhone any more. I had to use one for a week and it was torture.

The growth of android is more proof. Most of my friends and family have jumped ship too.

You can waste time looking for factual evidence if you prefer, but the bottom line is iOS, whilst ground breaking when it was released, hasn't really moved on.


June 24, 2014, 9:00 am

Check this one... Best concept I've seen to date :-)


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