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Deign and Form Factor


iPad 2: What's Next From Apple?

Okay, so we may not have any official word on what the iPad 2 release date is, or if an updated version of Apple's tablet is even coming, but that doesn't mean we don't have a good idea of what it will look like if and when it arrives. And if experience has taught us anything, it's a pretty safe bet that the iPad 2, if indeed that is what it ends up being called, will be announced in January prior to a mid-2011 launch.

Interestingly, although the consensus is that Apple will be refreshing the iPad hardware in the next few months, it doesn't really need to. Even as originally reviewed the iPad was streets ahead of its more recently launched competitors. Moreover several of our suggested features the iPad 2 needs were added in the recent iOS 4.2 update and most of those concerns that weren't addressed aren't likely to be. Adobe Flash support will be a pipe dream for iPad users for some time to come.

However, there are some changes and additions that we think the iPad 2 will have, many taking a cue from the differences between the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Not that the hardware changes in the iPad 2 will be quite as dramatic. The design is almost certain to remain the same, at least visually - the form factor works well enough that it doesn't need to be messed with (assuming Apple doesn't heed many people's requests for a smaller version). What we do expect is a significant weight reduction as it is its mass, not its size, that makes the current iPad hard use.

It seems reasonably likely the iPad 2 will add an SD card slot. Although the iPad Camera Connection Kit does work as advertised, it's a massive hassle having to connect an adaptor to the iPad in order to use any of its plethora of surprisingly good photo editing apps. Rumours that a USB port (mini or otherwise) will make an appearance on the iPad 2 seem farcical are best - the dock connector is too well established to be eschewed now.

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