The Road Ahead

With Santa Rosa yet to officially appear, Intel was keen to talk about the platforms that will follow it at the Intel Developer Forum yesterday. About a year from now we should see the introduction of the Montevina platform, which will combine the 45nm Penryn processor with a new chipset codenamed Cantiga. There will also be a big change to the wireless proposition with a combined Wi-Fi / WiMAX solution on the cards, codenamed Echo Peak.

Montevina will also bring with it the second generation of Intel Turbo Memory, although what that will mean is still unclear. It could simply mean an increase in capacity, while it could indicate a speed improvement.

Although concrete details are still a little thin on the ground when it comes to Intel’s forthcoming 45nm mobile parts, it is confirmed that the new SSE4 instructions will feature, while even larger cache sizes and faster bus speeds are also on the cards. Most important of all though, Intel claims new levels of energy efficiency, which should equate to even better battery life.

But rather than getting too excited about what’s on the horizon, I’m looking forward to getting my paws on some Santa Rosa hardware. Review units should start arriving in the lab any day now, and with the embargo lifting in a couple of weeks, make sure you check back for full reviews of the first batch of Santa Rosa notebooks.

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