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Centrino Pro Is Born

The Santa Rosa platform will be split into two distinct product lines. The Centrino Duo moniker will remain for consumer based notebooks, while business based machines will adopt the new Centrino Pro title. Despite the obvious title differentiation, both platforms will be based on the Core 2 Duo processor.

The Centrino Pro platform is targeting corporate customers that have an install base of Intel vPro enabled desktop systems on site. Centrino Pro is the first mobile platform to incorporate vPro, which means that an IT manager will have the same Active Management Technology running on company notebooks as desktops.

The beauty of Centrino Pro is that users are far more likely to end up with malicious software on a notebook than a desktop, since it is obviously taken off site and used at other locations. Thus if a user does bring an infected notebook into the office, that machine can be quarantined, cleaned remotely and then brought back online without any end user intervention.

For most corporate IT departments, desk-side callouts represent the most costly factor, so the ability to access systems remotely and cure the majority of issues will save untold man hours, thus reducing costs. An IT manager will be able to schedule regular backups from each and every client system in the corporation, then if a user does manage to develop a serious virus infection, the system can be restored to the last backup remotely.

As with desktop systems, Centrino Pro notebooks can be woken up from a sleep state remotely for maintenance or repair. However, the machine needs to be plugged into the mains and connected via wired Ethernet. Pretty much all the AMT functionality is available over a wireless connection as well, but the notebook can not be woken from a sleep state, since this would require the Wi-Fi adapter to be constantly powered on and have an adverse effect on battery life.

The hardware required for Centrino Pro certification is somewhat different from Centrino Duo. As well as the CPU, motherboard and wireless module, Centrino Pro also requires Intel’s Gigabit Ethernet adapter and AMT compliant drivers, firmware and BIOS.

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