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Photo Print Test Results

Canon i450

Colour looks natural and the gradation of blue in the sky is well handled. Some loss of detail in the shadow, but fair detail in the trees.

Epson Stylus Photo 830U

The six-colour print reveals extra detail in the shadows on the hills, but clarity is lost in the foreground trees. Slight red cast.

HP Deskjet 3650

Not quite such a steady transition from blue to white in the sky, but the clarity of detail in the trees more than makes up for this. Judged best in group.

Lexmark P707

Blue is over-emphasised and there are obvious transitions in the sky. Foreground detail is good, but some shadow detail is lost.

Canon i850

Good shadow detail for a four-colour print, but the right-hand rock outcrop looks bleached and there’s slight banding in sky transitions. The trees are reasonably sharp.

Epson Stylus Photo 900

As with the Stylus Photo 830U, the trees look fuzzy compared with the other prints. The six-colour print doesn’t manage to pull extra detail from the shadows.

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