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Image Editing Tutorial - Vignetting

With the selection made you can turn the guide lines off again in the View menu, or by using the shortcut again. Next we need to make a couple of modifications to our elliptical selection. First, we need to make the edge much softer, to achieve that blurred appearance. In the Selections menu again, choose Modify, and then Feather.

The amount of feathering needed will depend on the size of your photo, but roughly 1/10th of the width of your image in pixels should do it. My image here is 500 pixels wide, so I’m using a Feather setting of 50 pixels.

Next we need to invert the selection, so that it is the surroundings that are selected, not the portrait subject. This is very simple; just go to the Selections menu, and click on Invert. It’s important to do these two steps in the right order, Feather then Invert. If you do them the wrong way round the effect will not work properly.

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