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Image editing tutorial - Soft focus

Step 1: Crop to size

Since we want this portrait shot to concentrate on our model’s face and hair, let’s crop the picture down to exclude a lot of the surrounding details, such as her hands and the furniture in the background. We select the crop tool from the tool palette and drag a box around the subject. Don’t worry if it’s not right first time, we can adjust the size of the box by dragging the handles on the corners and edges. When we’re happy with the size of the box, press return or double-click to perform the crop.

Step 2: Re-size

Since our picture is now a lot smaller, we need to re-size it to get it back up to the original size. Don’t worry, the slight degradation of image quality will be hidden by the soft-focus effect, which is why we’re resizing now rather than when the image is finished. Click on the Image menu at the top of the screen and select Resize. Check the box marked Re-sample image, and select Bicubic resample from the drop-down menu, since this gives the best results when enlarging photographs. Make sure Constrain Proportions is also checked.

Enter the pixel size you want for the finished image. Our picture is actually quite small to fit on the website, but your digital camera image will probably be much larger.

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