Rotating and Cropping

Once you’ve rotated the image, you’ll notice that there are large triangular patches of the canvas background now visible around the edges of the shot, so we need to remove these. If we had selected Crop to Remove Background from the tool options at the start, this would have been done automatically.

To remove the visible background areas we need the Crop tool, which is also found on the tool palette. Leave all the tool options either blank or in their default positions.

Using the Crop tool, click and drag a box around the image. You can fine-tune it by dragging the boxes at the corners or at the mid-point of each side. Line the box up so that it excludes all the white background areas, but you don’t have to go right to the edge if you don’t want to. Sometimes creative cropping can enhance the composition of an image by excluding unnecessary or unwanted areas. In this case I’ve trimmed off a bit of the bottom of the picture to bring the couple with their surfboards more into the foreground.

When you’re happy with the positions of the crop lines, either press Enter or click on the green tick on the lower right of the crop box, to confirm and perform the crop. As always, save your edited photograph under a new file name so you don’t overwrite the original.

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