Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Now its time to print the outer part of your card. Flatten the image and save it, then click on the File menu and select Print. You see the dialogue panel shown here. Un-check the box marked Centre Image, and then enter 14.9 into the left margin box. This should move the image over to the right, leaving the left half of the paper blank. Ensure that the Scale is at 100 percent and that the dimensions match what you were expecting. Make sure you've got some photo paper loaded and hit OK to print your picture.

While it's printing, we can get on and make the centre part of the card. Click on the File menu and select New, and Blank File. In the dialogue box that opens, click on the drop-down menu for Presets, and choose A4. Click OK to open a new document.

When it opens, click on the Image menu, choose Rotate and select 90 degrees right to turn the new page to landscape format. To make positioning our inside message easier, it may help to use the Grid function. In the View menu, select Grid to activate it, and then in the Edit menu, choose Preferences and Grid... to set the parameters. Changing the units to Percent and the Gridline Every to 10 should give you something helpful. Select the Type tool and add a message for the inside of your card. For variety, use a different font to the one you used on the front. Using the grid lines for reference, position the message in the middle of the right half of the page, leaving enough room under it for your name and a load of XX's and stuff. Print it out on standard A4 copy paper using text printing.

When the ink has had a chance to dry, take your outer section and carefully fold it in half, leaving the picture on the outside. Use a metal ruler to help you get a straight edge and a clean crease. Next, take your inner section and fold it in half with the message on the inside. Apply a line of adhesive in a narrow stripe either side of the crease on the inside of your outer section, and carefully position the inner section like pages in a book. Use the metal ruler to ensure that it fits properly right into the fold.

And there you have it - 10 minutes work and you've got a hand-crafted greeting card, all you own work and ready to send to a friend. Next week - how to make Santa's sleigh and six Reindeer using only a CompactFlash card and two camera straps.


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