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Image editing tutorial - Clone brush

For this particular image, I’m going to use another technique to cover the main part of the sign over the window, so we don’t need to clone that out.

Instead I’ll use the freehand lasso selection tool, with the feather set to 20 pixels to give the selection a very soft edge. This will enable it to blend into the background.

Using the freehand lasso tool, I simply draw a line around the window on the right, leaving plenty of room for the feathered edge. If you’re not too happy with the freehand tool, use the polygonal lasso tool instead.

Once you’ve made your selection, use Copy and then Paste from the Edit menu to make a copy of the selection that you can move around on the image.

Select the Move tool from the tool palette, or press M for a keyboard shortcut, and move the new layer slightly so that it isn’t in its original position.

In the Layers palette, reduce the opacity of the new layer so that you can see the background through it. This will make accurate positioning very much easier.

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