Changing The Weather

With the foreground selected, use Ctrl + C to copy the foreground to the clipboard, and use Crtl + V twice to paste two copies of the selected area into the image as new layers. In paint Shop Pro the shortcut for this is Ctrl + L.

In the layer palette, click on the eye button next to the top and background layers to turn them off temporarily, and activate the middle layer by clicking on it.

Again using the Magic Wand tool, select the reflecting areas of the water in the picture. Use Shift + Click to add multiple areas. When you've selected all the main areas, use Feather from the Select menu, but this time make the edge even softer, with a feather of around 10 pixels. When you've done this, press Ctrl + X to cut away all the selected areas.

Next go back to the layer palette, select the top layer and set the opacity slider to 80 percent.


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