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Image Editing Tips Index

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Image Editing Tips Index

Correcting and Adjusting Photographs

Adjusting exposure
Shadows too dark or highlights too bright? Here's how to correct exposure problems.

Correcting White Balance
Correct colour casts in your non-flash photos caused by artificial lighting.

Rotating and cropping
If the camera wasn't quite level you can rotate the picture in Photoshop.

Correcting a tilted horizon
Tired of leaning buildings and sloping seas? Here's how to straighten them up.

Adjusting Colour Curves Pt. 1
Adjusting Colour Curves Pt. 2
The most versatile way to adjust tone and colour balance in your digital photographs.

Correcting Lens Distortion
Embarrassed by the poor quality of your optics? Help is at hand.

Why we need sharpening, and how to apply Unsharp Mask to improve your photos.

Dodging and Burning
Selectively lighten or darken areas of your picture by using Photoshop's Dodge and Burn tools.

Clone brush
How to use the Clone brush to remove unwanted objects from your pictures.

The Healing Brush
Use Photoshop's Healing Brush to hide the signs of ageing in your portrait photos.

The Patch Tool
Use this versatile tool to re-touch larger areas than the Healing Brush.

Basic portrait retouching
Improving skin tone, eye colour and other details for better looking portraits.


Special Effects

Motion Blur
Radial Blur
Add a sense of movement to your action pics with these easy techniques

Selective Monochrome
It's an over-used effect, but when it's done right it still looks great

Focal Plane Effects
Make everyday objects look like tiny, highly detailed models using this simple editing trick.

Realistic Film Grain
Recreate that classic grainy black-and-white look.

Gradient filter
Add dark and stormy skies using the gradient tool.

Sepia toning
Apparently everything in the past was brown, so give your photos that authentic historic feel by adding sepia toning.

Converting colour to monochrome
Turn your colour photos into black and white while keeping control of tone.

Create a soft border for your romantic portraits. This tutorial uses Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.

Soft-focus portraits
Give your portraits a soft romantic feel.

Selective colour replacement
Want to know what your car would look like after a respray? Here's how to find out.

Match Colours
What if an apple was the colour of an orange? Would we call the colour apple, or would we call the fruit orange?

High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HDR photography is all the rage at the moment. Here's how those distinctive-looking images are made.


General Techniques

Organising Your Pictures
Use Adobe Bridge to organise and search your photo collection using keywords.

Batch Processing
Speed up repetitive tasks by using Photoshop's automatic processes.

Photo printing pt. 1
Photo printing pt. 2
A two-part tutorial on how to make perfect photo prints on a domestic inkjet printer.



Changing the weather
The only reliable way to combat global climate change.

Make your own postcards
Save money on holiday this year by making your own unique postcards.

Make your own greetings cards
Run out of ideas for original birthday gifts? Why not make a personalised card?

Making animated GIFs
Turn a sequence of photos into a simple animated image, ideal for forum avatars.

Composite images
Use high-speed continuous shooting and multiple layers to make striking composites.


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