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IFA 2011 Preview


Yes folks, there’s no getting away from the fact that 3D is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and at this year’s show we expect to hear lots more talk of active, passive and, most exciting of all, autostereocopic.

Last year LG unveiled its Nano-LED 3D TV which used active shutter technology but this year LG should be showing us a trio of Nano LED TVs with Cinema 3D passive technology.

LG could also be rolling out its first large screen 4K2K 3D display which should be able to produce the world’s first Full HD (1920 x 1080) passive 3D picture.

Other manufacturers who will be bringing new 3D displays to the show will be Sony, Panasonic and Samsung but it could be Toshiba who steals the headlines with rumours swirling around that it will show off a massive 55in autostereocopic TV at its stand.


All the major manufacturers have been busy in the last week trying to pre-empt their rivals and announce their new cameras prior to heading to Germany. This may mean there will be little to surprise us at the show, but we’ll still manage to get lots of hands on time with the latest models.

Sony A77

Canon were first off the mark this week announcing its new IXUS and Powershot models, before Sony announced the a couple of new NEX models as well as the A77 and A65 DSLR cameras.

Next up was a octet of compact shooters from Nikon including its first rugged all-weather camera and one which has an integrated projector. Finally Panasonic revealed its latest superzoom and a compact with in-built

This is only a flavour of what we will be seeing in Berlin and despite the ever industrious technology rumour mill, there will be some surprises - and we’ll be on hand to cover everything from next Wednesday, 31 August.

So keep tuned to TrustedReviews as our team of intrepid reporters scours the show floor of the Internationale Funkausstellung building in Berlin to get you the latest scoops and top exclusives.

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