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John Archer


How To Calibrate Your HDTV

As Jane Austen would undoubtedly have said if she was writing for TrustedReviews, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a new TV in possession of a good suite of picture adjustments must be in want of some calibration.

For the simple fact of the matter is that for some reason best known to pretty much every manufacturer in the AV world, when they ship their TVs out, the picture presets they've pre-programmed into them are nearly always average, and in many cases totally useless.

Actually, I do understand where the manufacturers are coming from to some extent. Each TV has to first and foremost compete for your buying attention in a shop, where it's likely to be sat in the middle of dozens other TVs all trying to catch your eye in a ridiculously bright store environment. So you can understand the motivation for manufacturers to be over-aggressive with brightness, colour, contrast and maybe even sharpness settings.

However, this excuse doesn't explain why TVs can't just have simple non-shop presets stored in their memories that put everything right. Especially now a number of brands actually give you a ‘home' or ‘shop' option when you first switch them on.

When I first saw this option I was sure that after choosing ‘home' my calibration work would be done for me, and that I wouldn't need to get stuck into the onscreen menus myself. But no; the best that can be said of all the Home settings I've seen so far is that they're less rubbish than the Shop settings. And that really isn't saying much.

The bottom line is that I honestly don't think I've ever seen a TV with a picture preset that delivered a picture I couldn't improve on with just a few minutes of tweaking. Well, maybe the THX mode on Panasonic's latest V10 models is a good effort - but even then I personally felt the need to take a little orange out of the skin tone reproduction. It really makes me shudder to think how many people out there aren't getting nearly the best out of their new TVs because they're just trusting the manufacturers' presets rather than making even a rudimentary attempt to improve things.

Carlos Junior

July 3, 2015, 3:13 pm

nice guide :D it helped me a lot ! thanks !!!

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