As I said at the beginning of this feature, there is a massive amount of confusion when it comes to high definition television. Having done some quick and dirty research by hanging around in high street shops, I found that an alarming amount of consumers looking to buy an HDTV think that once they have the new TV, everything they watch will then be in HD. It seems that a lot of the TV buying public have no idea that an HD source is a prerequisite in order to get an HD picture on their television.

To gauge the other side of the coin, when the engineer was installing my Sky HD, I asked him if he’d ever turned up to do a Sky HD install and found that the customer didn’t actually have an HDTV. His reply was that at least one customer in 10 didn’t have an HDTV, but had ordered Sky HD anyway.

If you previously fell into either of the above categories, hopefully this feature has helped you gain a better understanding of the high definition revolution. I know that the situation is confusing, but if you have a basic understanding and choose your components wisely, you’re in for a real viewing treat.

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