TV One 1T-HDMI-841

There’s a flat style infrared remote in the box, much like the one that shipped with the AV Tool component switcher. The remote consists of four buttons that correspond to the four source inputs, with a fifth button for powering the device on and off – Belkin take note. There are also wall mounting brackets supplied – again indicating the TV One’s professional and high-end focus. Conspicuous by its absence is an HDMI cable, so if you go for one of these, you’ll need to factor in the cost of an HDMI cable to get your multiple source signals to your TV.

Like the Belkin, the TV One switcher produced a pristine image that was no different to a direct connection to the TV. It also worked flawlessly with every HDCP protected source that I threw at it. But the one area where the TV One unit did cause concern was the speed at which it switched between sources – on average it took between six and eight seconds to switch from one source to another, which is a considerable amount of time.

Apart from the slightly sluggish switching, the TV One box looks, feels and performs just like a high-end bit of AV kit should, but it also carries a correspondingly high price tag. At £182.13, this box is around £100 more than the Belkin, and you’ve still got to add the cost of an HDMI cable to that. Yes, the TV One switcher feels far better built than the Belkin, and yes it offers more features – like a power switch for one – but that’s a hell of a price differential for one extra input. Of course if you forego the TV One professional range, an AV Tool branded four-port HDMI switch will set you back a far more reasonable £119.99 – I may not have looked at this particular unit, but if the AV Tool Component Video switcher is anything to go by, it should be pretty good.


The TV One four-port HDMI switcher is a high class piece of AV equipment. The build quality of this box is exemplary, but the price is also very high. If you can live with only three inputs, then the Belkin definitely offers better value for money, and if you definitely need four, then consider the AV Tool branded box which is considerably cheaper.

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