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Hands-on with LG's 31in OLED TV


Hands-on with LG's 31in OLED TV

When our resident TV reviewer, John Archer, looked at the 15in LG-15EL9500 TV, the last thing any of us was expecting to hear from him was that it "produces some of the finest pictures we’ve ever seen on any TV, period." The main reason for this sweeping statement is because this TV uses OLED display technology, which has long been touted as the next step in TV. And in one fell swoop all such talk had been proven entirely correct. As John concluded in his review of that set, there was only one thing missing: size. Now LG has largely put paid to that by showing off a just-about-big-enough 31in Full HD OLED TV, and we've just had a play with it.

Starting with the most obvious feature of this TV that you can see from our pictures, its a stunning piece of physical design. Thanks to OLEDs being so thin, LG has been able to make this TV just 2.9mm thick. Obviously there's a break out box for all the connections and tuners so it still has a sizeable foot print but nevertheless, it is a quite staggering thing to behold. What's more, there's a ceiling mount option that will mean all that gubbins can be hidden away out of sight. Also striking is the slimness of the bezel, which is only about 8mm wide.

Build quality is also excellent with the whole thing blanketted in brushed aluminium. We're sure it would come a cropper if you knocked it off you TV stand but otherwise the slimness shouldn't be a concern in terms of it being fragile. If you happen to bump into the thing while sleepwalking through your living room those thin edges could do you some serious damage, though.

More dazzling than this model's stunning design, though, is its mesmerisingly good picture quality. Viewing angles are essentially infinite, so no matter what angle you're looking at the screen (assuming you can still see the screen at all) you will get the same quality picture as from directly in front (reflections and other enviromental conditions not withstanding).

Colours are also incredibly rich and vibrant yet black levels are, well, black. With no backlight to potentially bleed through and make blacks look grey, you can simultaneously have the strongest white and the blackest black right next to each other. We've no stats for this model but the 15in version had a stated contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, which gives you some idea of just what we're talking about.

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