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VisionRacer VR3 Racing Simulator

For all its design genius, however, the VR3 would be nothing without a good steering wheel and VisionRacer has been smart enough to partner with the best manufacturer out there: Logitech. Of course, this doesn't stop you from using any other steering wheel, such as the thoroughly decent Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Wheel, but that's only compatible with the Xbox 360 and despite what Microsoft might say, it's not yet home to the most complete racing sims.

Thus Logitech is the smart choice, giving you the option of the top-end G25, which retails for around £150 online, or the Driving Force GT that was developed specifically for Gran Turismo. We spent a little time playing Grant Turismo 5 Prologue using the G25 and were simply stunned.

Driving around Silverstone in a Formula One car, the force feedback was simply incredible. Sweeping down the pit-straight the G25 communicated every single bump and gradient, demonstrating exactly why it commands such a high price-tag - not to mention GT5's outstanding physics model. It also has the benefit of a 900 degree turning circle, which is significantly more than Microsoft's wheel. Microsoft's effort may be very good, but the G25 is in a different class.

This is reflected in the pedals, too. With the G25 you actually get three pedals, so if you really want the true road car experience you can have a clutch as well. However, there's a pedal adapter that stretches across the brake and clutch pedals, effectively creating one large and easy to use brake pedal. Just like the steering wheel the pressure of the brake pedal is nicely balanced, providing a satisfying level of resistance without becoming too stiff.

One other thing that immediately separates the G25 from most steering wheels is the gearshift accessory. If you're planning on using it with the VR3, though, you're going to need the optional gearshift mount, which is another £59 above the price for the standard rig. As for the gearshift itself it's a dual-mode effort, allowing for sequential style shifting up and down, as well as full six-speed gearing, too. Naturally, there are paddle shifts on the steering wheel, too, but this is cool addition if you want to really immerse yourself. Hell, you could probably learn to drive on this thing.

Final Thoughts

As you might have already guessed, we've gone away extremely impressed with the VisionRacer VR3. It's obviously expensive, so only the well-heeled enthusiast need apply, but just like a Kuro TV, its price doesn't stop the VR3 from being a seriously desirable piece of kit. If you've been hankering after something to make your GT5 sessions that bit more immersive, you can look no further than this. Now then Codemasters, where's the new F1 game, eh?

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