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Leadtek A310TD My Vivo

The first thing you notice about the Leadtek WinFast A310TD is the cast aluminium heatsink that covers the GPU and memory chips with a large fan and a gauze cover to strain out passing birds and insects.

Under the heatsink is another GeForce FX5600 chip, but surprisingly the three FX5600 cards in this group have different combinations of core and memory speeds. The Leadtek has a relatively fast core speed of 325MHz and a slow memory speed of 550MHz and although it's tricky to make a comparison, we judge that the Leadtek is marginally slower than both the Albatron and Asus. There isn't much but at you could always try using the Winfox overclocking utility to boost the power a bit.

It would be a shame to dwell on the speed on the A310TD as an FX5600 is relatively limited when it comes to gaming, thanks to its internal architecture. You can happily play older games with the high quality settings turned off, but that's about your lot.

This is another VIVO card, so the shiny metallic blue cable that connects to the TV Out port splits near one end and terminates in a pair of block connectors, marked for input and output as appropriate with each block carrying one S-Video and one coaxial port. The cable is one metre long so the ports can be located conveniently without any trouble.

Those ports wouldn't be much use without appropriate software and Leadtek supplies Ulead Cool3D SE v3.0 and Ulead VideoStudio6 SE to help you get up and running with your movie editing. It also supplies WinFast PVR, WinFastDVD and WinFox II. There are also a couple of games in the package, Big Mutha Truckers and GunMetal.

Leadtek also supplies a DVI to VGA adapter, and overall this package is completely solid and has no obvious flaws. Unfortunately, neither does it have a Unique Selling Point (much as we hate to slip in a marketing term). The Asus has dual DVI, which is enough to set it apart, but the A310TD My Vivo is an also-ran, despite its many good points. If it was a little cheaper or a bit faster it would become much more attractive, but as it is we just can't get excited about this card


The VIVO is welcome and the software package good, but we find it hard to recommend this card over the dual DVI Asus.


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