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On The Move - Communicating

Anyone who has to travel a lot for business will know that their notebook can be a vital communication tool - not just for work, but also to keep in touch with family. With this in mind, many notebook manufacturers have started to build webcams into their machines, allowing users to video conference, or catch a glimpse of their children while they're away. If you don't have a built-in webcam, it might be worth picking up a small, clip-on USB webcam for your notebook, like the Microsoft NX 3000, or the Creative's Live Cam! Notebook Pro.

If you're going to be truly productive while you're out and about though, you'll also need to be hooked up to the Internet at all times. While there is a decent network of Wi-Fi hotspots in most major cities these days, you'll still have to find one, pay to use it, and probably buy a cup of coffee or something to eat to justify being there in the first place. What you really want is something that allows you to get online wherever you may be, whether that be on a train, in an airport or even sitting in the park.

This is where HSDPA comes in, allowing you to get online at speeds up to 7.2mbps from pretty much anywhere. HSDPA isn't even going to cost you an arm and a leg either, with the latest Vodafone USB Stick Modem costing nothing with an 18 month contract. Add to that the fact that Vodafone has recently dropped its monthly tariff to only £15 per month, and it's clear that no mobile worker should be without one.

There's no doubt that using a notebook as your main computer is an attractive proposition. Having all your files, emails and documents with you at all times, can make you productive wherever you are. And as long as you follow at least some of the points in this feature, you'll get the best possible experience, no matter what environment you find yourself in.

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