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In The Home - Working On Your Lap

Despite the fact that the term laptop is often used to describe a portable computer, you actually wouldn't want to use it on your lap for any length of time. In a large part, this is due to the fact that most notebooks get quite hot during operation, and can therefore become quite uncomfortable perched on your legs. Having a laptop on your lap isn't the best idea from an ergonomic or efficiency point of view either, although there are some options to improve that situation.

The EdgeBLUR provides an ergonomic and efficient working environment without the need for a desk.

The EdgeBLUR surfACE - ridiculous naming convention aside - is a well designed and executed bit of kit, that makes working with a notebook away from a desk a far more productive and ergonomic experience. The surfACE can position your notebook over your lap without it having to touch your legs. The surface (no pun intended) of the device has holes in it to allow heat to escape from the base of the machine. You also get flat surfaces to either side - one for your mouse and the other for, err, a cup of coffee. The surfACE is completely user configurable, so it can be switched around to rest on the arms of a chair, if you happen to be sitting in an arm chair. The one down side to the surfACE is the cost, but it does give you a significantly improved user experience without the need for a desk.
The Belkin CushTop makes a lounging on your sofa with your notebook easier than ever.

If you don't need all the features and flexibility of a device like the surfACE, and you're just after something to make working with your notebook on your lap more comfortable, Belkin might have just the thing. The Belkin CushTop may look like an oddly shaped sofa cushion, but it's actually designed to be a stand for your notebook. The CushTop sits on your lap, while your notebook sits on top of it. It's angled for an ergonomic typing position, while also positioning the screen at a more comfortable viewing angle. The CushTop may look odd, but a couple of the TR team have spent their hard earned cash on one of these, so they can't be bad.

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