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In The Home - Wireless Internet

If you happen to have a dedicated desk set up at home for your computer, then much of what I've said about working with a notebook in the office will apply. However, for most people, the idea of using a notebook at home is attractive because it means that they don't need to have a dedicated work area set up. The beauty of using a notebook at home, is that your computing becomes unobtrusive, and when you've finished doing what you need to do, you can simply put the notebook away, leaving no trace of it to spoil your minimalist d├ęcor. But even without a dedicated workstation area, there are still some key points that need to be addressed to get the best from your notebook at home.

First and foremost is wireless Internet connectivity. If you're planning on using your notebook all around the house and perhaps even out in the garden, you'll need to make sure that you have a decent wireless network offering connection to your broadband service. Many broadband packages ship with a bundled wireless router these days, so there's every chance that you've already got wireless functionality at home, but if you haven't this is definitely an area worth investing in.


A Draft-N wireless router will let you use your notebook anywhere, but make sure your notebook has Draft-N too.


Wireless networking has a tougher time in the UK than it does over the pond in the US, due to the fact that our houses are made with bricks and mortar, rather than wood and plaster board. As such, it's worth investing in a MIMO wireless router, that sends out multiple signals in an attempt to circumvent impenetrable walls. Better still, you should go for a Draft-N wireless router, which will give you both MIMO and super-fast transfer rates. Of course you'll need a notebook with integrated Draft-N Wi-Fi too, but most decent notebooks come equipped with this now.

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