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In The Office - Keyboards & Mice

No matter how well built, or ergonomically friendly a notebook is, it's never going to be as comfortable to use as a desktop for extended periods of time. Even the legendary Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards don't offer as comfortable a typing environment as a good, full size keyboard over extended periods, and I'm probably the ThinkPad's biggest fan! The key to using a notebook all day in the office, is to acquire a formidable set of supporting components.

So, top of your list should be a good keyboard and mouse combination, preferably wireless, so that your desk is kept as uncluttered as possible. As Stuart mentioned last week in his desktop peripheral ergonomics feature, there are many different types of keyboard and mouse out there, and which one to go for depends entirely on personal preference and need.


Microsoft's Wireless Natural keyboard set can reduce the risk of RSI, if you can use it.


I know many people who swear by Microsoft's Natural keyboards, and various studies have indicated that the split keyboard design can reduce (but not eliminate) the chance of RSI induced injury. Therefore, the Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 would make a good addition to your office workstation. Not only does this package feature a wireless version of Microsoft's split, Natural keyboard, but you also get the Natural Ergonomic Mouse as well. Unfortunately, not everyone finds this split keyboard design usable, myself included. I have tried many times to get to grips with a Natural keyboard, but failed in each attempt.


Logitech's Wave offers a different, more easily accessible approach to ergonomic typing.


Of course there are many other options out there, including differing models from Microsoft and Logtitech. Logitech's Wave keyboard attempts to offer an ergonomic typing experience, without the user having to learn a new way of typing. The keys feature differing levels of relief, meaning that your weaker fingers don't need to work harder when typing. The Cordless Desktop Wave gives you a wireless version of the Wave keyboard, along with a wireless laser mouse, making for a tidy, yet efficient and ergonomic workstation.

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