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Join The Frag Fest

So, from 6PM tonight, our server will be online and we'd like you guys to come and play with us. We'll offer a prize for the top player of the night, so log on sharpish and get fragging!

Our server is located at:

cs1.games.bit-tech.net:27015 or alternatively you can use the IP address : 27015

Enter that into your Counter Strike: Source favourites list and you should get in. It's a 24-player server with a map rotation that cuts out the rubbish. Think you can take us on? Prove it!

This is just part one of our server adventure and there is plenty more to come. As we write, we've just added in the second chip, meaning that we are at full core-capacity. We've got the full 8GB of memory stuffed in there, and everything is running smooth as silk.

Next up, we're going to install Linux through VMWare and use the VT hardware virtualisation technology built into Intel's latest chips to run a separate operating system. Once we've got Linux installed, we're going to set up a Battlefield 2 server that you will be able to connect to. Once that's done, we're going to virtualise yet another operating system through VMWare - maybe WinXP, just for a laugh! Then we’ll get Quake 4 up and running on that.

Stay tuned to these pages for a chronicle of our progress. It all goes well, we should have it all up and running by the end of September. Until then:

The bomb has been planted!

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