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The Server

Core 2 Duo chips are the current generation Intel processors, comprising of Conroe (desktop), Merom (mobile) and Woodcrest (server/workstation). These chips are based on the Core microarchitecture, which Bit-Tech covered in detail here. They're the latest iteration of the Pentium M, which has replaced the Pentium 4 as the Intel chip of choice.

The Core microarchitecture doesn't stop with those chips, however - it's the foundation for many more to come. The next Extreme Edition chip is called Kentsfield, and it has four cores, not just two, along with a hefty dollop of cache. In the server market, the new Xeon chip due to hit a little afterwards at Christmas is called Clovertown, which also has four cores.

Right now, we can't tell you exactly what our gaming server is running - not until the Intel Developer Forum at the end of September. Trust me when we say it's a VERY nice bit of kit.

The chaps at Intel have just had a nice 30Mbit/sec line plumbed in to their HQ, so we thought it would be rather handy to have our uber-server hosted there. We trekked on down to Intel's HQ, in Swindon, to get the system set up.

Intel has gazillions of machines set up in its labs, used for benchmarking and system testing. The boys here are used to playing with hardware that technically isn't supposed to exist, so getting down dirty with our server was not a problem for them. However, it did require some work.

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