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Get In The Game

As you will surely know, we're pretty enthusiastic gamers here at TrustedReviews. All our graphics reviews are conducted in real-world gaming scenarios, and we spend many a lunchtime here in the office indulging in a spot of virtual warfare.

However, the one thing that’s been missing is a public server where we can play against (and frag!) all you guys, pitting the might of the team against the power of the people. Well, we decided a while back that we wanted to put that right.

Being the techno-junkies that we are, we didn't just want to go and rent any old server from a hosting company. After all, we review some of the hottest hardware, often before release, and we knew you'd all appreciate something a little different. We therefore got together with our sister publication Bit-Tech and pitched the whole idea to the guys at Intel.

Intel, as you surely know, is a company that is pretty good at making things happen. The execution of its Core 2 Duo parts has been flawless, and we've been recommending them left right and centre to friends and readers. With this in mind we figured, why not build our own Counter-Strike server out of Core 2 Duo chips? After all, the dual core power would be welcome.

When we suggested this to Nick Knupffer and Alistair Kemp, our PR boys on the inside, they agreed that a server based on the Core chip was a great idea, but they wanted to push things even further. Why stop at two cores when you can have more? Who were we to argue with that kind of logic? Would you say no if your local Fiat dealer offered you a Ferrari F430 instead of a Punto? I think not.

Over the next few pages you’ll see how TrustedReviews, Bit-Tech and Intel set about creating the most powerful gaming server in the world – well, maybe…

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