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Point of View PCX 6600GT

We’ve not yet reviewed any products from Point of View up to now but it is one of the bigger players in Europe for nVidia cards. As with most on test, Point of View has stuck with the reference design even including the GPU cooler. The colour of the PCB on our review sample was green but we were told that this has since changed to black.

Output options consist of a DVI, D-SUB and a video out connector. Point of View supplies the same video-out dongle as MSI, with an S-Video, Composite and Component outputs. You also get a DVI to D-SUB adapter and a Composite video cable in the box. A copy of WinDVD 5 is supplied as well as a top games package consisting of a superb games package - Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and Far Cry.

If you fancy some decent games with your card then, the Point of view is a good choice. But at £129.96 Point of View is far from the cheapest card on test so unless you really want the included games there are cheaper options.

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