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Leadtek WinFast PX6600GT TDH

Leadtek has been very quick out with boards based on the new nVidia GPUs in the past year so it’s no surprise that it normally sticks to the reference design. The PX6600GT TDH is very much a reference board with a different GPU cooler. To our ears Leadtek’s 6800 cards have had some of the loudest coolers around so it’s good to see that the one on the PX6600GT TDH didn’t produce any more noise than the reference boards. Leadtek has not fitted any memory heatsinks, but GDDR3 memory at this speed shouldn’t need any.

Leadtek supplies a copy of muvee autoProducer 3 as well as WinDVD 5 along with a copy of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Prince of Persia the Sands of Time, both of which are good-looking, decent games. The manuals supplied are generic, but cover both hardware and software installations and feature a clear walkthrough guide in case something goes wrong.

The performance numbers reveal no major difference with the other cards on test. Leadtek does however, have an Extreme version of the PX6600GT TDH which is clocked higher, but this comes at a price premium.

Cost wise this is a middle-of-the road player, as at £123.32 it's not overly expensive, but neither is it one of the cheapest cards on test. Ultimately, the games package is its distinguishing feature.

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