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Gigabyte GV-NX66T128D-3

Gigabyte doesn’t seem to think that a funky name is important and has stuck with a complicated model number. It tells you that the card has 128MB of memory and a DVI connector. The card itself is blue with a gold coloured cover on a copper plated aluminium GPU heatsink. There are no memory heatsinks, but then again, GDDR3 memory doesn’t run that hot at stock speeds so it shouldn’t need any.

Apart from the blue colour the GV-NX66T128D-3 follows the nVidia reference design. Outputs consist of a D-SUB, a DVI and a video out connector. This accepts standard S-Video cables but Gigabyte supplies a breakout box with S-Video and Component video connectors. One of the Component video connectors also doubles up for Composite video output and you also get a DVI to D-SUB adapter. Breakout boxes are great as it is easier to see what goes where compared to having a bunch of cables hanging out the back of your PC. However, Gigabyte really needs to add a longer cable, since the one supplied is way too short.

On the software side Gigabyte supplies a copy of PowerDVD 5 on the drivers CD as well as a full copy of Doom 3 - not a bad bundle. The manual is detailed and specific to the GV-NX66T128D-3, which is good for anyone that not used to installing graphics cards.

Performance wise, it’s much of a muchness compared to the other cards.But where the GV-NX66T128D-3 really breaks the mould is when it comes to cost as at only £117.19 it’s one of the cheapest on test.

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