JumpSuit Grip

JumpSuit Grip

In theory, the JumpSuit Grip ought to be the perfect part-time protection option. It's simply a rubber slip that fits onto the back of the iPhone, providing an easy to handle shell and a modicum of protection from general bumps and scratches. Like the HardMan Pro it comes with a screen protector and cleaning cloth in the box, too, so you can customise the level of protection to suit your needs.

It also looks nice. By only covering the iPhone's back, and therefore leaving the phone's glossy front uncovered, the JumpSuit Grip isn't as pervasive as either the LeatherJacket or HardMan. This might not make it the ultimate in protection, but it does at least mean your iPhone is still visibly an iPhone and not something uglier. Happily, though easier to grip, the rubber casing isn't so sticky that it gets stuck in you pocket.

Unfortunately, things begin to unravel when you come to use the JumpSuit Grip. Despite the majority of ports and buttons remaining accessible, the Hold/Power button and volume controls are not. Instead, there are little bumps on the outside of the casing, indicating where you should press through the case in order to operate the buttons. For volume, this just about works, though it lacks the tactile feedback and sensitivity to allow volume adjustment through a trouser pocket - as I often do.

For the Hold/Power button, however, it's an utter failure - an EPIC FAIL even. It just doesn't work well at all. An inordinate amount of pressure is required to engage the button and this constantly annoys. This alone makes the JumpSuit Grip a very dubious investment indeed, which is a shame because otherwise it's pretty good.


It's a pretty serious flaw if you can’t use all the buttons properly and since the JumpSuit Grip does just that, it fails to win favour.

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