HardMan Pro

HardMan Pro

At £30, give or take a few pence, the HardMan Pro is one of the more expensive cases you can buy and as such needs to do a little bit more to impress. As its name suggests it's a hard plastic case that encompasses the whole body of the phone, with all the buttons, ports and sensors unimpeded. There's also no cover for the screen, though an optional and removable screen protector is included in the box - as is a handy cleaning cloth.

Like the IceMan Pro getting the iPhone in did prove a little tricky, if only because we didn't want to cause any damage in the process. Once in, though, the fit is nigh on perfect and the removable part of the casing is extremely secure - enough that it won't come off in a heavy fall. Of course, this makes getting the phone out again very difficult (you'll need some strong fingernails) but like the IceMan this is really meant as a permanent case.

Unlike the IceMan, however, it actually feels like it offers reasonable protection. Its thick plastic and soft-touch outer coating doesn't creak under pressure and feels very durable. This soft-touch finish also makes it pleasant to handle and easier to grip. Strangely enough, too, we actually quite like the appearance of the HardMan Pro. Its black front fascia and silver/black split back mimic the look of the original iPhone and give it a suitably low-key and sleek look that belies the extra size. Moreover, though it undoubtedly adds bulk, the HardMan Pro doesn't make your iPhone unbearably heavy or large.

It also adds a rather neat feature: a stand. This allows you set your iPhone down on a flat surface and watch video without having to hold it all the time. This, combined with the screen protector, adds a little further value to the package, though we still reckon it ought to be £5 or £10 less than it currently is.


At £30 it's a little on the pricey side, but the HardMan Pro provides convincing protection and a look and feel that isn't as off-putting as you might imagine.

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