IceBox Pro

IceBox Pro

Unlike the LeatherJacket Pro, the IceBox Pro is a complete case that covers the whole phone and is really intended for permanent use. It's made almost entirely from clear plastic, with just the area surrounding the screen protector coloured black to match the iPhone's exterior.

To insert the iPhone you remove the back plate, sliding the phone in and then sliding the plate back in. It's a little fiddly and as such getting the phone out again is awkward, but since you're not meant to do this too often it isn't a pressing issue.

As alluded to earlier the IceBox Pro also features a screen protector that's part of the case - i.e. it's not added on. It works incredibly well, too. Provided the casing is properly fitted it doesn't have any negative effect on the responsiveness or accuracy of the screen and provides ample protection. It also retains the functionality of the iPhone's light sensor on the front. All ports and buttons also remain uncovered, so there's absolutely no loss of functionality.

Unfortunately, the IceBox Pro is let down by not feeling in any way sturdy. Its plastic casing creaks under pressure and the seal of the casing is undoubtedly not strong enough to withstand a drop onto a hard surface. As such, though it'll protect your phone from scratches and blemishes from everyday use, like putting it down on a desk or other hard surface, we're not sure it's really worth the £20 cost.


Though its clear plastic casing and screen protector provide basic protection, without impeding functionality, its build quality and strength leave a little to be desired.

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