LeatherJacket Pro

LeatherJacket Pro

As the name suggests this is a leather slip style case and unlike some this is actually leather, not some knock-off synthetic. It's reasonably well made and the iPhone 3G fits snugly and securely, proving not too difficult to get in or out or too loose.

On the back there's a belt clip that's handy for anyone who likes to keep their phone around their belt. It does, obviously, make it a tad conspicuous as well and on balance we'd sooner stow our eminently stealable phone a little more discreetly. Also on the back is a hole for the camera, so if you do want to use it there are no problems there.

This isn't the case everywhere, though. Getting to the Hold button on the top isn't a problem, likewise the headphone jack and the Silence button on the side, but the volume rocker is covered by the suede-like material on the side. This isn't the end of the world, since it's easily operated by feel alone and the material isn't too thick to completely hamper the rocker's action.

Not being too thick isn't something that can be said for the case, though. It just feels a little bulky and annoyingly it obscures the extreme edges of the screen, too. This is a tad distracting and as a whole the LeatherJacket Pro is frankly rather ugly. It's not that nice to hold in your hand and the protection provided is reasonable, but nothing outstanding.


Despite being handy for clipping your phone onto your belt, the LeatherJacket Pro is a little too bulky, ugly and conspicuous for us to recommend.

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