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Gear4 iPhone 3G Case Roundup

Andy Vandervell


Gear4 iPhone 3G Case Roundup

We're not totally convinced by the need for iPhone cases. Like all the cases for iPod's before them it's always seemed somewhat incongruous to buy what is an attractive piece of tech then hide it inside some, often hideous, piece of cheap plastic. Moreover, despite protestations to the contrary, the iPhone 3G is no less durable than the original iPhone or any other consumer handset for that matter. Ultimately, because it is attractive people feel the need to keep it that way, even if it means disfiguring it in the process. How odd…

Mind you, it's also true that some people are just plain careless - this writer can think of at least one former colleague who routinely sat on, misplaced, dropped and generally mistreated their phone. So, if you're anything like them, it might make sense to protect it against yourself; especially if you don't want to shell out for all those extortionate mobile phone insurance schemes. Moreover, if you do work in potentially hazardous places, a little extra protection can only be a good thing.

Gear4 are just one of a multitude of companies offering solutions and we're looking at its collection today. Varying from rugged cases, clear plastic enclosures, leather slips and rubber shells to even a sports armband, it seems to have most bases covered. So, without further preamble, let's cast a critical eye over what it has to offer.

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