The AJP M575A is equipped with a higher resolution 1,920 x 1,200 display, making it much more suitable for work as well as play. The processor is the highly capable Pentium M 760, which operates at 2GHz. This is coupled with 1GB of Kingston DDR II memory. These memory modules run at the slightly slower timings of 4-4-4-12, whereas the Evesham and Rock run at 4-4-4-11. This difference is barely noticeable though, with the AJP matching the Evesham in the memory portion of PC Mark.

Included is a 100GB 7,200rpm SATA hard drive which is plenty of storage space and quite nippy too, showing a fairly significant improvement over the Rock’s hard drive performance in PC Mark.

Despite having a slower processor than the Rock notebook, it matched gaming performance almost exactly. This illustrates that performance is limited more by the graphics processor than the main processor. High frame rates were seen in all games, with enough flexibility to suggest it has enough power ready for the next generation of games.

Battery life was 128 minutes which is enough for even the most patient commuter, but expect this to vary greatly depending on the tasks at hand. The MobileMark DVD playback portion of the test failed completely for some reason – as did the Evesham. Both machines dropped too many frames during playback to pass the test. Only the Rock machine ran the test, perhaps indicating a superior level of setup and pre-customer testing.

At £1439.38 this is a buying decision that is not worth taking lightly. However, it is the cheapest out of the three notebooks and offers fairly good value for money, mainly because of its slightly lower specification processor. With the Evesham being an extra £280 with a lower resolution screen, we don’t believe the extra processing power makes enough difference to justify the cost. The Rock is an extra £200, bringing a faster processor but a slower and smaller hard drive.

The AJP M575A is a good all round notebook, with the right components selected to balance power and value for money. It is well worth considering.


The AJP has no real differentiating features, but the M575A offers a good configuration at a reasonable price.

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