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Silverstone vs. Enermax

On top of this Enermax has fitted all the power buttons at the top of the case alongside a small LCD display. The display shows the current fan speed and there is a thermal probe that can be placed at a suitable location to show you the temperature inside your PC. There is also a dial on the front of the case – which on our review sample had been pushed inwards and was unusable as the rheostat was broken – which is used to adjust the fan speeds. The only problem here is that the fan controller unit is stuck on to the bottom of the case with an adhesive pad and needs to be connected to a Molex connector for power. This isn’t exactly an elegant solution and it means more clutter inside the case.

Both cases are made of steel, which is heavier than aluminium but also more durable. However, both case fronts are made of aluminium so you still get the look of aluminium case. Personally I prefer the looks of the TJ06 over the CS-718-S and I have a feeling that the mesh front of the Enermax will collect more dust than the SilverStone case.

As long as you’re looking for a spacious case with ample room for all your kit either of these should do the job. There are only small differences between the two and most of those have to do with the front design. There is also a cost difference between the two as the TJ06 will set you back £92.83 – plus the cost of a PSU – while the CS-718-S is £116.33 – unfortunately this is without the PSU our review sample was supplied with.

Personally I’d like a combination of the two, the placement of the front mounted connectors of the Enermax with the front of the SilverStone. I quite like the up side down approach and there are clear cooling benefits. Having your graphics card fitted up side down also brings the added benefit of the heat rising upwards rather than being trapped underneath the card. Building a system in these cases is quite easy as well, as long as the cables you have are long enough. I would recommend either of the two if you’re looking for something a little different.


SilverStone and Enermax have brought to market two rather unusual cases. Neither is perfect but both offer a new take on the standard ATX case which should appeal to those looking for plenty of space and ease of assembly.

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