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Silverstone vs. Enermax

On the upside, both cases are pretty much screw-less, a feature that I am very fond of. You still have to screw in the motherboard, but with oodles of space inside the case this is easily done in a couple of minutes at the most. The four 5.25in drive bays are easily accessible by opening the front of the case with the supplied keys, so don’t loose them. There are also two front mounted 3.5in drive bays that can be accessed the same way. The drive rails are also screw-less and very easy to fit.

All expansion cards are also secured with clips so you don’t have to screw the cards in place. This could possibly be a problem with certain graphics cards that take up two slots, although you can still use screws as a precaution if you wish.

Mounting the PSU is slightly awkward as you have to remove a metal plate that then screws onto the back of the PSU and then put all the cable through the hole in the back of the case. There is however plenty of space for even the largest server sized PSU to go inside these cases and there are also supports to hold the PSU in place inside the case. Our review sample from Enermax (shown here) came pre-fitted with a 460W Enermax EG465AX-VE(G)(24P) PSU which seems to have been tailored for the case.

As the PSU is mounted quite far away from the ATX motherboard connector, you need to have quite long cables if they are to reach your motherboard. Enermax has solved this by fitting a PSU and SilverStone offers optional extension cables – for £3.51 - for the 20/24-pin ATX power connector as well as the 12V AUX cable. The Enermax PSU has a 20+4 pin ATX connector, a 12V AUX and a six pin PCI Express graphics card connector along side seven Molex connectors, two floppy connectors and two SATA power connectors. It also has a bottom mounted 80mm and rear mounted 92mm fans which suck the hot air out of the top of the case.

As both cases are quite tall, they feature fold out legs which should add extra support against it being knocked over. Both cases feature four USB 2.0 ports, a single six pin FireWire port, as well as headphone and microphone sockets. SilverStone has mounted the ports on the side of the case, sadly a little bit to far down for my liking. Enermax on the other hand has placed the ports just above the top 5.25in drive bay, which in my opinion is a better solution as a large case like this is most likely going to end up on the floor. The internal connectors fit standard USB 2.0 headers and the FireWire cable comes with a pre-wired header as well as individual wires in case your motherboard uses a non standard layout.

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