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First Look: Loewe Connect LED Review


First Look: Loewe Connect LED

Loewe, the German manufacturer of - let’s say - reassuringly expensive TVs has come out fighting at IFA with all-new and expanded lines of high-end sets.

We’ll resist the urge to whitter on about the gorgeous forms of the new Art LED series or the ludicrously desirable Individual line, much as we like the thought of all those custom inlays, stands and sound packages. We’re also not going to talk about Loewe’s first foray into 3D TV; an LED/active shutter system due to launch next year across Europe. Instead, we’re here to talk about the revamped Connect LED line, shipping in November in 32-inch and 40-inch variants.

Coming from Loewe, the design is a predictably successful exercise in slimline minimalism, with the focal point being the company’s signature Loewe eye. If you don’t like the chrome silver finish it’s going to be available in gloss black and gloss white, with a choice of a rotating chrome table stand or trapezoidal floor stand. Like all Loewe sets you can see it as a statement, the statement being that you’ve got a bit of taste and a lot of cash.

The Connect LED uses a 200Hz edge LED backlit panel with a custom engine, and while Loewe hasn’t been too forthcoming about the underlying technology, the image quality is impressive: crisp, clear and precise, not as punchy as some rival LED sets, but with a fine, natural grasp of colour. Even Loewe’s relatively spacious IFA stand isn’t the place for a proper verdict on picture, but viewing angles don’t appear to be a problem, and the company’s demanding following should not be disappointed..

Audio comes courtesy of a pair of 20w,closed two-way satellite speakers with a 40W downfiring dual woofer, and the sets are equipped with a built in Dolby Digital Plus, AC3 and DTS decoder. As Loewe were keener to show off their high-end electrostatic speakers and 7.1 sound projectors at the show we’ll have to wait until we see review samples to give you any verdict on performance.

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