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Firefox 3 Beta 2 First Impressions


Firefox 3 Beta 2 First Impressions

I would hope many of our regular readers are aware that the TrustedReviews staff are avid fans of the Firefox web browser. Ever since the beta releases of the first version started to become available back in 2004 we've been fans of its ease of use and versatility, and we've been using it ever since. However, when Microsoft released the latest version of its Internet Explorer browser, IE7, last year, arguably the single biggest selling point of Firefox was wiped out in one fell swoop.

You see, while the popularity of Firefox is due to a number of elements, including its vast array of add-ons that enable you to perform almost whatever task you can imagine, and its open source development, the predominant reason it grabbed so many people's attention was its tabbed browsing. Ok, it wasn't actually the first to market with tabbed browsing - that honour goes to Opera - but many people had been put off by Opera simply because you had to pay for it, even though that was no longer the case.

Just as with the introduction of CDs, and subsequently DVDs, even non-techie users could instantly understand the benefits of moving from the old but familiar Internet Explorer to this shiny new way of doing things. No longer would they have to have 10 instances of IE open at once, now they could simply open another tab. It's what sold me and I know many others that couldn't resist the allure of this bright light… I can't help it… it's so beautiful….

Of course, there have been plenty of updates to Firefox in the mean time, so that the latest full version is now, and even with the arrival of IE7, devoted followers have stayed true to the cause. But, for the rest of the public, the reasons to switch were significantly less convincing. Especially considering IE7s ability to scale whole webpages, just like the iPhone's mobile Safari browser.

However, just in the nick of time the Mozilla Foundation has pulled its finger out and released beta versions of Firefox 3, with a view to officially unveiling its latest and greatest in the next few months. So, with beta version 2 now available for Mac and PC, I thought I'd take you on a trip round what in my opinion is going to be the best browser available in the foreseeable future.

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